LIA Today September/October edition available online!

The latest LIA Today has been published and is now available online. If you have never read LIA Today we encourage you to flip open a few pages! Those […]

Honoring the father of the laser and all who followed his path

By Geoff Giordano          

In two days, the University of California, Berkeley, will throw a 99th birthday celebration for Charles Hard Townes, inventor of the laser […]

Laser Safety Training Vital for Your Facility’s Success

ANSI Z136.3 Improves User and Patient Safety in Health Care

In-Depth Insights Into the New ANSI Z136.8!

Laser use in the dynamic world of research, development, and testing can present quite the challenge to Laser Safety Officers (LSOs). From the production of non-certified home-built lasers to fiber lasers […]

Ensure Safe Use of Lasers at Your Medical Facility!

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Discount on Laser Safety Officer Training!

If you use the web promo LSORDWEB you will receive  $100 dollars off of your course. You can read more details of the course here  and of course you can […]

Watch as this spider chases laser pointer

A Novel Laser Trepanning System for Research and Production

Real-Time Process Control by Machine Vision

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