Real-Time Process Control by Machine Vision

By: Christoph Franz Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, Aachen, Germany In recent years the use of modern solid-state lasers has brought about a distinct increase in operational speed in […]

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Laser-Based Repairing of Turbine Airfoils and its Economical and Environmental Impact

By J. Michael Wilson Purdue University Replacement costs for high value engineering components are very high due to long lead times and special tool required for processing high strength materials.  […]

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Laser Direct Deposition of Nickel-Based Metal Matrix Composition

By Kevin C. Schoeffel and Yung C. Shin, Center for Laser-based Manufacturing, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Ceramic particulate reinforcement enhances the already superior mechanical properties […]

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High Speed Laser Engraving in Anti-Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a major and global problem for the pharmaceutical industries, with extremely important societal and economic consequences. It is for instance estimated that 10% of global pharmaceutical sales are […]

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Driving Blind: Why the Need for Industrial Laser Beam Profiling?

By: John McCauley Ophir-Spiricon, LLC It’s time to buy another car. Like everyone else these days,you’re a bit cost-conscience, so you’re looking at getting the most for your money. You […]

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Newport Introduces Integrity™ VCS Vibration Control System

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light®, introduces the Integrity VCS Series vibration control system designed specifically to provide an economical […]

ILSC 2011 – A Closer Look at Laser Safety

Presented by LIA, the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC®) is a comprehensive four-day conference covering all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. Laser safety experts from around the […]

Newport Introduces New Laser µFAB™ – Microfabrication Workstation

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light®, introduces the Laser µFAB, a tabletop laser microfabrication workstation optimized for research applications.  The […]

Spectra-Physics Pioneers New Ultrafast Laser for Deep Tissue Imaging

Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces InSight DeepSee, an extraordinary new ultrafast laser system that takes multiphoton imaging to new depths.  Based on a novel proprietary technology, the new InSight […]

Coherent Launches 10 Watt Low-Noise Green Laser

Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) has released a new 10 Watt, very low noise, CW green (532 nm) laser intended for cost-effective pumping of Titanium:Sapphire oscillators and amplifiers.  […]