Throwback Thursday:

How Lasers Could Revolutionize the Internet

Researchers at University of California San Diego are hard at work, attempting to find a sustainable solution to growing issues surrounding the internet and data management. Data centers consume […]

Theaters Using Lasers to Stop Phone Users During Performances

Most people would agree that cell phone use during a performance or concert can be incredibly distracting. Violators of cell phone policies are asked to silence or turn off […]

Manufacturing and Lumber Processing Applications

When it comes to manufacturing within the lumber industry, companies are always looking for the best equipment around. The oldest known wooden constructions in the world were found by […]

Optogenetics: The Future of Memory?

Everyone has bad days they would rather forget. But what if it were possible to actually edit out our negative memories with a beam of light, and replace them […]

How Lasers May Help Prevent Food Poisoning

Affecting millions of people annually, food poisoning by consumption of contaminated products is a significant health issue. Typically, retailers and manufacturers rely on “sell by” and “good until” dates, […]

Lene Hau and the Bose-Einstein Condensate

In honor of Women’s History month meet Dr. Lene Hau…

Dr. Lene Hau is a Danish physicist who was born on November 13, 1959 in Vejle, DK. Hau is currently […]

OZ Optics Ltd. – March’s Featured Corporate Member

A leading global supplier of fiber optic products for both existing and next-generation optical networks, OZ Optics Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing components and test equipment for fiber […]

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Arizona State Researchers Demonstrate White Lasers, Which Could Revolutionize Everyday Lighting

Researchers at Arizona State University have created white laser light with an array of semiconductor lasers in a compact arrangement. The project helps pave the way toward better lighting […]

Laser Safety Community Focused on Safeguarding Consumers Who Are Attending Light Shows and Acquiring Pointers

By Geoff Giordano

With plenty of summer left to enjoy, it is appropriate to remind revelers to be aware when attending outdoor laser demonstrations or using handheld laser pointers. More […]