Why Was the Industrial Laser Conference Created?

Why was the Industrial Laser Conference created, who is it for, and how can it help advance your industrial manufacturing career? This blog explains it all.
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Recap: CO2 vs. fiber laser shootout by Cincinnati Incorporated

In case you missed today’s CO2-vs.-fiber shootout by Cincinnati Incorporated using its 4,000-watt CL440 CO2 and CL940 fiber lasers to cut identical parts side by side, here’s a quick […]

The Novel Technology for Thick Glass Cutting with Small Power Laser Saw

Sapphire Cutting with Pulsed Fiber Lasers

A Technical and Commercial Comparison of Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser Cutting

Investigations in Remote Cutting of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

By: Annett Klotzbach

Fraunhofer IWS

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) are increasingly applied in the aircraft industry as well as the automobile industry. The main reason is the highly mechanical […]

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CO2 Laser Cutting of Flexible Glass Substrates

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A Study on Laser Cutting of Textiles

Fiber Laser Blanking of Coil Strips at Extreme-Speed Extreme-Power

Leading Technology for the Customer’s Benefit – Laser Processing Heads for Welding and Cutting