Air Flow Control for Remote Laser Beam Welding

By Achim Mahrle1,2, Madlen Borkmann 2,1, Eckhard Beyer1,2, Michael Hustedt3, Christian Hennigs3, Alexander Brodeßer3, Jürgen Walter3, Stefan Kaierle3 

1 Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, Germany

2 TU Dresden, Germany

3 Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. […]

Combination of Short and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Processing for Productive Large Scale Structuring of 3D Plastic Mould Steel


By: Andreas Brenner, Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology  and Fabian Kurzidim, Volkswagen AG
Increasing demand for surface functionality
Surface functionality is an increasing and crucial factor for the success and acceptance of a product. […]

2017 Laser Market Review

By: David Belforte, Industrial Laser Solutions

In last year’s 2016 report, I opened with comments about the troubling times, political, cultural and economic, we lived in and then expounded on […]

3D Printing of Conductive CNT-polymer Composite

By: Ying Liu, Wei Xiong, Lijia Jiang, Yunshen Zhou, Yongfeng Lu

Advanced three-dimensional (3D) micro/nanofabrication of functional devices represents a key research topic in modern nanoscience and technology and is […]

High Speed Creation of Antireflective Nano Periodic Surfaces via Picosecond Laser Surface Treatment

By: Yung Shin

With the growing need for renewable energy sources, there is an increasing demand for cheap and high-efficiency solar cells. Although high-efficiency silicon solar cells with overall efficiencies […]

Automated Lasers—The Role of Flexibility

By: Michael Sharpe


The role of flexibility in supporting the pace of advanced manufacturing through laser innovations is critical for success. Flexibility is essential when designing and building systems to […]

High Growth Areas in Industrial Laser Processing & Monitoring

By Craig Bratt & Rahul Patwa

The brilliant light of the laser promises unlimited possibilities for materials processing. Its use in manufacturing dates back to the late 1960s where laser […]

Approaching Photonic Serial Production: Laser-remote-processing of Automotive CFRP Components

By: Dr.-Ing. Peter Jaeschke, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.

The efficient use of limited resources is one of the greatest challenges of our times. To address this, lightweight solutions and concepts are already […]

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Laser Micromachining of Transparent Dielectrics – Glass and Quartz Using Nano Short Pulsed Nd: YVO4 Laser Harmonics

By Shiva Gadag, Radovan  Kovacevic and Nilesh  Ramani

Glass, Quartz, and Silicon are made out of sand grains consisting of Silica, SiO2. Silicon and Glass are two basic building blocks […]

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Diode Lasers in Cladding, Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing

By Oleg Raykis
Today there exist a number of technologies for additive manufacturing of components.
The two most prominent types utilizing lasers for generating parts out of metals are either powder […]