Design Guidelines For Laser Metal Deposition of Lightweight Structures

Design Guidelines for Laser Metal Deposition of Lightweight Structures
By Ake Ewald and Josef Schlattmann
Weight critical applications, like parts in the aerospace industry, are driven by lightweight design. Titanium alloys […]

Diode Lasers in Cladding, Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing

By Oleg Raykis
Today there exist a number of technologies for additive manufacturing of components.
The two most prominent types utilizing lasers for generating parts out of metals are either powder […]

Quality Assurance of Selective Laser Melting Applications

By Thomas Gruenberger
Key differentiation criteria for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies are freedom of design, cost advantage, customization, and time to market.
Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) AM technology is ideal […]

Meet Precision Laser Scanning, LLC – July’s Featured Corporate Member

By Lindsay Weaver

A company known for its high-speed polygon scanners and expertise, Precision Laser Scanning, LLC was founded by George Helser in 2015. Helser has more than 25 years […]

Laser Safety in Entertainment Applications

By James Stewart, CLSO

High power lasers are routinely used in entertainment environments as a special lighting effect. Historically such lasers could only be used in situations where the budget, […]