Laser Metal Deposition & Laser Metal Fusion: Comparison of Processes & Their Uses

By Frank Geyer

Additive manufacturing, especially “3D printing”, is a hot topic for many industries. While 3D printing in plastics has already reached the consumer level, additive manufacturing processes using […]

LAM 2016

Network with the Experts

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Benchmark Laser Additive Manufacturing Against Other Technologies at LIA’s LAM 2016 Workshop

ORLANDO, FL (February 8, 2016) — The Laser Institute of America (LIA) will host their annual Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM®) Workshop on March 2-3 in Orlando, FL. The two-day […]

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Process, Powder & Parts: America Makes, BMW, Siemens Among Firms Sharing Latest Additive Successes

LAM 2015: Real World View of the Future in AM & 3D Printing

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LAM 2015 Delivers Revolutionary Applications in Additive Manufacturing

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LAM 2015: Advancing the Applications of Laser Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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Discover the Possibilities of Laser Additive Manufacturing & Attend Paul Denney’s LME 2014 Tutorial Presentation

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Novel Multi-Beam Processing System for Laser Additive Manufacturing

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